At Tanks in Town WW2 Liberation Festival at Mons (Belgium). Source: Joakim Steinweden.

My Photos on Military Vehicle related Events

Welcome to my private photo gallery with photos on my former Dodge WC52 and my actual Dodge WC51 project – as well as on WW2 related Events and locations I have visited in 2013.

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Photos 2013


PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting (G), May 1st 2013, Frankfurt/M. (G)

13th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V. – one of the oldest US-Car owners Clubs in Germany:


Hammelburg US-Army & BW Treffen, May 2013, Hammelburg (G)

Nice smaller meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV (most post war) at Hammelburg.
Hammelburg has been in March 1945 the place of the ill fated „Operation Hammelburg“ so we tried to drive on the route that
the Task Force Baum took 68 years before.

All pictures can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/H13/

Video with our 3 Dodge WC’s: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbaNOsGxXGA

Target 25, Bausenwein Museum, May 2013, Ruetschenhausen (G)

Close to Hammelburg is the location of the Bausenwein militaria shop and Museum. Here you can find the remainings of „Target 25“
– an Sherman Tank that was part of the Operation Hammelburg and then became a shooting range target at the Hammelburg Garrison after WW2. See: www.steel-toys.com/T25/

D-Day 2013, June 2013, Normandy (F)

In 2013 I was in Normandy for a week around D-Day. All pictures can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/DD13/

Visit of the inauguration of the Normandy Tank Museum, Catz (closed 2016): www.steel-toys.com/NTM13/

Our D-Day 2013 at a glance (photo-book compilation): www.steel-toys.com/DD13FB/

Wings & Wheels, August 2013, Ursel (B)

2013 edition of one of the most outstanding MV Events in Belgium on a Airfield that offers a MV display as well as a militaria fair:
See: www.steel-toys.com/WW13/

Berlin Airlift Memorial Frankfurt, June 2013, Frankfurt/M. (G)

Some pictures from my visit at the memorial with it’s C-47 and C-54 that is located at the former US Rhein Main Airbase „Gateway to Europe“,
south of today’s Frankfurt Airport. The memorial is dedicated to those who served in the largest Airlift operation in history in 1948.

See: www.steel-toys.com/AM13/

Santa Fe MV Event, July 2013, Overloon (NL)

Some pictures from one of the nicest MV and Re-Enactors meetings in the Netherlands.

See: www.steel-toys.com/SF13/

RK Hainburg MV Camp, Hainburg, August 2012, Hainburg (G)

Some pictures from one of the smaller MV events close to my hometown.

See: www.steel-toys.com/RKH13/

Schmidtenhoehe Koblenz MV Event, September 2013, Koblenz (G)

Largest MV Event in Germany with focus on off-road driving. About 450 post WW2 MV in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/SH13/

Video with Uli’s Dodge WC54 Ambo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oXKu9VS_is