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Welcome to my private link collection on Military Vehicle Clubs (focus: Central Europe).
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U.S. Military Club e. V. (USMVC),  Germany

Mainly WW2 focussed US MV owners Club with members from the heart of Germany (Wiesbaden to Koblenz). Oldest collectors Club for ex. U.S. Army Vehicles in Germany. The Club is organizing twice a year a Camp for Military Vehicle owner (at Bogel in April and at Bockenau in the end of Sept).



UNIVEM Paris (F)

One of the largest MV collectors associations in France. Nice people, great vehicles. The Club is organizing every a large Camp in
Normandy during the D-Day week at Omaha Beach. Highly recommended!



MVPA – Military Vehicle Preservation Association (USA)

The largest MV collectors Club in the USA. Has two own publications (Supply Line and Army Motors) – both available as printed or
e-paper version for members. Great MV in the Club and many Events allover the States.




One of the oldest active MV owners Clubs in Europe. Has a nice annual MV Camp in spring (April).



KTR – Keep them Rolling MV Club (NL)

Largest WW2 MV owners Club in Europe by members (about 900). Very active with lots of Events and two annual militaria fairs (KTR Beurs).



MVD – Military Vehicle Drivers Koblenz (G)

Post war focussed MV owners Club from the Koblenz region. Organizer of the annual Schmidtenhoehe MV Event (1st weekend
in Sept.). With over 400 MV in place the largest Event of this kind in Germany today (incl. offroad driving on German Bundeswehr tank training grounds).



IG-HMT – Interessengemeinschaft Historische Militärtechnik (G)

Collectors Association with post war MV (mainly US and BW). Member focus is the Rhein-Main area.



Royal Mons Auto Moto Club / Tanks in Town (B)

MV owners Club from Belgium and organizer of the annual MV Event Tanks in Town with MV Camp on the last weekend in August. One
of the most outstanding MV Events with a fair, convoy driving and re-enactment. Tank driving range and more than 20 Tanks on display and in action. At the annual Liberation Festival parade at Mons are more than 50,000 spectators in place!



Indianhead MV Club (B)

One more well known WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium. Also involved in re-enactment.

At facebook:



BMVT – Belgian Military Vehicle Trust (B)

Well known WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium.



Patton Drivers Ulbeek (B)

Smaller WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium with some nice Dodge vehicles. Organizes an annual MV Camp in spring (Pinkstertreffen) that is one of the largest of its kind in Belgium .



Spearhead Military Oldtimer Club (B)

WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium.



Wheels (NL)

Another very active MV owners Club from the Netherlands. Organizing Events and its own militaria fair (Wheels Ruilbeurs).



Lucky Seventh (NL)

MV collectors Club from the Netherlands with focus on WW2 US vehicles.



Spear-Head 3rd armored division (NL)

WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from the Netherlands.



9th Armored Division – Belgian Army Friends (B)

Another WW2 focussed US MV owners Club from Belgium. 9th AD in focus.




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