Mons Tanks in Town 2014
My Dodge WC51 at the Liberation Festival at Mons (Tanks in Town), 2014. Source: Joakim Steinweden.

My Photos on Military Vehicle related Events

Welcome to my private photo gallery with photos on my former Dodge WC52 and my actual Dodge WC51 project – as well as on WW2 related Events and locations I have visited in 2016.

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Photos 2016


Visit of the WW2 US Military Cemetery at St. Avold, France, 6th of April 2016

Visit of French and American WW1 Military Cemeteries nearby Verdun, France, 6th of April 2016

Fort de Liouville photos. Visit of the French fortress nearby Verdun, France, May 2016

USMVC e.V. OPERATION SILENT CROSSING 2016, Nierstein (G), April 2016

Spring opening MV Event of the USMVC, MV convoy ride from Ruedesheim to Nierstein on the path of General Patton’s 3. Army.

144 Event photos. See:

In the local newspaper: (oder:

News of the US Army online:

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS 8 pages article:

PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting, Frankfurt am Main (G), May 1st 2016

17th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V.

7th annual US-BW Treffen, Hammelburg (G), 5.-8. of May 2016

Nice meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV at Hammelburg with more than 150 MV in place.

Street Rats US Car Meeting at the Harley Factory Frankfurt, 08.05.2016, Frankfurt/M. (G)

Season opening Event of the monthly US Car and Bike Event of the Street Rats Frankfurt US Car and Bike Club.

30th annual Pinkstertreffen of the Pattondrivers MV Club, Ulbeek (B), 13.-16. of May 2016

One of the five largest annual WW2 US Army MV collectors Events in Central Europe with a long tradition. A dozen Tanks and
about 200 light WW2 MV in place.

25th annual US MV meeting of the Kelly’s Heroes MV Club, Rothselberg (G), 26.-29.05.2016

25th anniversary of one of the oldest US MV collectors Clubs in Germany, nearby Ramstein AFB (G).

Victory Day Jump & Jive BBQ, Linz am Rhein (G), 04.06.2016

Swing music live bands & dancing enthusiasts meets vintage cars and 1940ies lifestyle. B&W photo collection.
Video impressions at youtube:

Fly-In 2016, Gelnhausen (G), 19.06.2016

Classic Fly-in Event of the Aeroclub-Gelnhausen with great Air-Show and Ju-52 fly-by.

16. Klassikertreffen an den Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim (G), 26.06.2016

Largest annual vintage car Event at the State of Hesse. Our USMVC and friends in place with
3,000 other vintage car enthusiasts and 30,000 spectators.

More artwork / vintage style photos by Mr. Sascha Furck ( can be found here:

1. Militärfahrzeugtreffen Dillenburg, (G), 09.07.2016

Smaller privately organized MV Event for MV owners from the Westerwald area.

Oldtimer-Treffen Massenheim, Bad Vilbel-Massenheim(G), 17.07.2016

Very nice local vintage car collectors Event nearby Frankfurt with a broad range of vehicles incl. some MV.

Point Alpha Museum, Geisa (G), 12.08.2016

Visit of the Point Alpha Museum on the former border between Germany East and Germany West, incl. US MV collection.

9th Elvis Weekend, Friedberg + 15th European Elvis Festival &
US Car Parade Bad Nauheim , August 2016, (G)

The Elvis Presley Festival is located at Bad Nauheim – the only place Elvis Presley lived ever outside of the USA.
– So Bad Nauheim became the „German Graceland“ and the nearby former U.S. Army garrison at Friedberg his „Army Home in Europe“.
See our photos on this years visit at the Ray Barracks and the guided tour here:

Tanks in Town – 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the City of Mons, August 2016, Mons (B)

The annual celebrations of the liberation of the city of Mons is one of the 3 largest WW2 MV Events in Europe.

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS 9 pages article:

Hürtgenwald Museum, Oktober 2016, Vossenack (G)

Visit of the Hürtgenwald (aka: Hurtgenwald Battle) and the Hürtgenwald Museum at Vossenack, south of the City of Aachen.
Impressive collection of relics of the Battle of Hürtgen Forest – a series of fierce battles fought from 19.09.1944 to 10.02.1945.
It was the longest battle on German ground during World War II, and is the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought.

Ordensburg Vogelsang, Oktober 2016, Eifel National Park (G)

Visit of the legendary national socialist Ordensburg. It is one of the largest architectural relics of National Socialism that still exists.
The gross area of the landmarked buildings is 50,000 m2. As a Belgian Army Garrison for many years closed to the public is the installation
since 1 January 2006 open to visitors, incl. Nazi-History exhibition and Eifel National Park Info Center.

Berlin Airlift Re-Opening Ceremony with Col. Gail Halvorsen, 21. Nov. 2016, Frankfurt Airport (G)

Re-opening ceremony of the Berlin Airlift memorial at the former Rhein-Main Airbase, Frankfurt with Col. Gail Halvorsen (aka: the Candy Bomber) in place.

Steinkopf Peak Berlin Airlift crashsite memorial stone inauguration with Col. Gail Halvorsen and Helen Patton, 26. Nov. 2016, Kronberg (G)

Inauguration ceremony at the crashsite of the first lost C-47 during the Berlin Airlift at the Steinkopf near Koenigstein, organized by the Berlin
Airlift Association Frankfurt and the USMVC.

Flight video of „a tribute in the sky“ – aircraft formation of honor performed by pilots of the Aero-Club Gelnhausen:

Background informations on the

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS article:

Jet + Prop aviation magazine article:

USMVC after action report. Link:

NUTS! Weekend, Bastogne 2016, 09.-11. Dec. 2016, Ardennes (B)

Bastogne Barracks visit of 101 AB Vetrans as Vincent Speranza and others with the Ambassador of the United States, Denise Bauer in place.
Photos by Mark William Altmeyer (The Patton Foundation – Sustainable Trust):
Historic Military Vehicle meeting at Manhay (North of Bastogne). Link:
Band of Brothers actors reunion 2016 at the Bastogne War Museum. Link: