Me with my Dodge WC51 at Utah Beach in 2014 – 70 years after the D-Day landings. Source: Joakim Steinweden.

My Photos on Military Vehicle related Events

Welcome to my private photo gallery with photos on my former Dodge WC52 and my actual Dodge WC51 project – as well as on WW2 related Events and locations I have visited since 2010.


All photos (2010 – 2017)

Throughout the last years I have visited several Military Vehicle Events, former Battlefields and commemorations with WW2 veterans across Europe.This site offers you a listing of those Events and the pictures I took.

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Photos 2010


WC51 arrival at München

The first pictures of the Dodge after the rebuilt in 2009-2010 in Austria and transport to it’s new home at München.
See Olli’s pictures here:

Reconstitution de la seconde guerre mondial a Lesve 2010, (B)

Re-Enactors Camp and battle at Lesve on the 3.+4.7.2010.
First major Event of this kind after the rebuilt of the WC51 in 2009-2010.
See Olli’s and the American Patrol’s group pictures:


Photos 2011


Deutsches Panzer Museum, Munster (G), 2011

The most outstanding Tank collection in Germany – owned by the German Forces – and now open to the public.
See: www.steel-toys.com/DPM11/

Military-Oldtimer Treffen 2011 of the Zusamtaler Military Oldtimerfreunde, Possenried (G)

MV collectors at Possenried on the on the 13.+14.8.2011.
See Olli’s and the Zusamtaler Military Oldtimerfreunde group pictures:


Photos 2012


Technik Museum Sinsheim, January 2012, Sinsheim (G)

Impressive collection of Aircraft’s, Cars, Trains and much more incl. a huge MV collection with many Alliied and Wehrmach vehicles
and Tank’s on display. in Belgium on a former Airfield that offers a static vehicle display as well as a militaria fair:


Wings & Wheels, August 2012, Ursel (B)

One of the most outstanding MV Events in Belgium on a former Airfield that offers a static vehicle display as well as a militaria fair:


La Gleize Militaria Fair, June 2012 (B)

One of the many militaria fairs in the Ardennes each year. Interesting is beside of the fair the local WW2 Museum:


Liberty Park Museum, July 2012 Overloon (NL)

From my point of view the most outstanding WW2 MV Museum in the Netherlands and among my personal top 3 in Europe.

See: www.steel-toys.com/LP2012/

Schmidtenhoehe MV Event Koblenz, September 2012, Koblenz (G)

The Schmidtenhoehe MV Event is the most outstanding meetings of it’s kind in Germany each year. It offers about 500 MV in place
and the chance to drive with nearly no limits on a tank training ground of the German Forces:


US Car Meeting at the Harley Factory Frankfurt, Sept. 2012, Frankfurt/M. (G)

US-MV meeting at the monthly US Car and Bike Event of the Street Rats Frankfurt Club.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/HDF12/
And: http://www.steel-toys.com/HDF12_b/

PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting, Oct. 2012, Frankfurt/M. (G)

One of two US-Car and Veteran-Car meetings per year organised by the PEP Cars e.V. – one of the oldes US-Car owners Clubs in Germany:


Bastogne Re-Enactment, December 2012, Recogne (B)

Traditional place for the hard core re-enactors and their battle between the villages of Recogne and Cobru:


Bastogne Military Vehicle Parade, December 2012, Bastogne (B) Dec. 2012

The pictures for the well known MV parade at downtown Bastogne (a.k.a. „NUTS City“) can be found here:


First WW2Dodge.Com Forum Cometogether Frankfurt, December 2012, Frankfurt/M. (G)

Some pictures of the first local Dodge owners meeting in Frankfurt can be found here:



Photos 2013


PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting (G), May 1st 2013, Frankfurt/M. (G)

13th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V. – one of the oldest US-Car owners Clubs in Germany:


Hammelburg US-Army & BW Treffen, May 2013, Hammelburg (G)

Nice smaller meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV (most post war) at Hammelburg.
Hammelburg has been in March 1945 the place of the ill fated „Operation Hammelburg“ so we tried to drive on the route that
the Task Force Baum took 68 years before.

All pictures can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/H13/

Video with our 3 Dodge WC’s: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbaNOsGxXGA

Target 25, Bausenwein Museum, May 2013, Ruetschenhausen (G)

Close to Hammelburg is the location of the Bausenwein militaria shop and Museum. Here you can find the remainings of „Target 25“
– an Sherman Tank that was part of the Operation Hammelburg and then became a shooting range target at the Hammelburg Garrison after WW“. See:

D-Day 2013, June 2013, Normandy (F)

In 2013 I was in Normandy for a week around D-Day. All pictures can be found here:

Visit of the inauguration of the Normandy Tank Museum, Catz (closed 2016): www.steel-toys.com/NTM13/
Our D-Day 2013 at a glance (photo-book compilation): www.steel-toys.com/DD13FB/

Wings & Wheels, August 2013, Ursel (B)

2013 edition of one of the most outstanding MV Events in Belgium on a Airfield that offers a MV display as well as a militaria fair:
See: www.steel-toys.com/WW13/

Berlin Airlift Memorial Frankfurt, June 2013, Frankfurt/M. (G)

Some pictures from my visit at the memorial with it’s C-47 and C-54 that is located at the former US Rhein Main Airbase „Gateway to Europe“,
south of today’s Frankfurt Airport. The memorial is dedicated to those who served in the largest Airlift operation in history in 1948.

See: www.steel-toys.com/AM13/

Santa Fe MV Event, July 2013, Overloon (NL)

Some pictures from one of the nicest MV and Re-Enactors meetings in the Netherlands.

See: www.steel-toys.com/SF13/

RK Hainburg MV Camp, Hainburg, August 2012, Hainburg (G)

Some pictures from one of the smaller MV events close to my hometown.

See: www.steel-toys.com/RKH13/

Schmidtenhoehe Koblenz MV Event, September 2013, Koblenz (G)

Largest MV Event in Germany with focus on off-road driving. About 450 post WW2 MV in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/SH13/

Video with Uli’s Dodge WC54 Ambo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oXKu9VS_is


Photos 2014


THE MONUMENTS MEN Release, Kinopolis Movie Theatre, Feb. 2014, Sulzbach (G)

German release event at the Kinopolis Cinema Center with our MV as decoration in place.

See: www.steel-toys.com/K/

About the Monuments Men film locations: www.the-monuments-men-im-harz.de

Remagen Bridge visit, May 2014 (G)

Stopover at the legendary Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen.

See: www.steel-toys.com/R14/

Junkers Technik Museum visit, May 2014, Dessau (G)

Stopover at the home of the legendary Junkers factory and it’s Museum at Dessau.

See: www.steel-toys.com/JD14/

D-Day 2014, June 2014, Normandy (F)

2014 was the 70iest anniversary of the landings in Normandy and I have several galeries about our trip to the beaches online.

D-Day – 6th of June 2014 – the pictures of the „longest day“ can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/DD14/

Photos of our stay at the DOG GREEN CAMP of UNIVEM (Paris) at Omaha Beach can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/UC14/

Pictures of our convoy driving with UNIVEM (Paris) and our DC-3 flight over Normandy together can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/DK14/

My Dodge in the sand of Omaha Beach can be seen here: www.steel-toys.com/OB14/

Some photos of the visit at the Maisy Battery can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/MB14/

The pictures of our first DODGE GATHERING in Normandy with more than 70 WW2 Dodge trucks in place at
Pointe du Hoc can be
found here: www.steel-toys.com/DG14/

Photos of our tour to the „Wiederstandsnest 62“ can be found here: www.steel-toys.com/WN62/

A gallery of my photos + pictures from the news on the Presidents visit at Omaha Beach can be found here : www.steel-toys.com/WCWN62/

Our D-Day 2014 at a glance (photo-book compilation): http://www.steel-toys.com/DD14FB/

13th European Elvis Festival & US Car Parade, August 2014, Bad Nauheim (G)

The Elvis Presley Festival is located at Bad Nauheim – the only place Elvis Presley lived ever outside of the USA.
– So Bad Nauheim became the „German Graceland“ and the nearby former U.S. Army garrison at Friedberg his „Army Home in Europe“.

See all event pictures here: www.steel-toys.com/EF14/

Tanks in Town – 70iest anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mons, August 2014, Mons (B)

The annual celebrations of the liberation of the city of Mons is one of the 3 largest WW2 MV Events in Europe, incl. re-enactment with
more than 20 WW2 Tanks, 30 armored MV and hundreds of light and amphibious MV.
Saturday’s photos see: www.steel-toys.com/TIT14a/
Sunday’s photos here: www.steel-toys.com/TiT14b/

PEP Cars Club US-Car Open House Event, Oct. 2015, Maintal (G)

Opening Event of the new Club Garage of the PEP Cars e.V.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C408vJInAvM

Bastogne Liberation Celebrations, December 2014, Bastogne (B)

Our trip to the „Nuts City Festival“ with 40,000 visitors in place (pictures from Sunday):


Bastogne in the snow on Saturday, December 2014, Bastogne (B)

See: www.steel-toys.com/B14a/


Photos 2015


FURY Release, Kinopolis Movie Theatre, January 2015, Sulzbach (G)

German release event at the Kinopolis Cinema Center.

See: www.steel-toys.com/FURY/

Diehl Wehrtechnik Museum, February 2015, Röthenbach (G)

See: www.steel-toys.com/DM15//

Böhlertreffen Militaria Fair, February 2015, Isernhagen (G)

See: www.steel-toys.com/BT15/

Remagen Bridge Commemoration, March 7th 2015, Remagen (G)

Commemoration at the legendary Ludendorff Bridge that was captured 1945 as the only intact River Rhine bridge.
See: www.steel-toys.com/RB15/
And: www.steel-toys.com/RB15b/

Article published in the Army Motors Magazine of the MVPA (USA), .pdf file: www.steel-toys.com/RB15/Remagen_final.pdf

Museumsfrühling Stammheim – Liberation Festival „The American’s are coming!“, March 2015, Stammheim (G)

MV collectors and re-enactors Event celebrating the 70iest anniversary of the Liberation of the upper River Main valley
at the Museum Stammheim am Main (near Würzburg).
See: www.steel-toys.com/MS15/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUeOlay0i5s

Video: http://www.tvtouring.de/die-amis-kumma-92885/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRZU63ElJPk#t=134

Visit of the Capa-House, April 2015, Leipzig (G)

On April 18 1945 the US soldier Raymond Bowman was shot by a German sniper. He was only 21 years old. The war photographer
Robert Capa was in place and his picture of the dead Bowman was published under the title „the last man to die“.
70 years later the street nearby the building Jahnallee 61 has been renamed to Capa-Street.
The building is under re-construction and a Museum is planned in the building too. A Bowman Street is still under discussion.
See: www.steel-toys.com/CH15/

Garbage Hill US-Car Meeting – season start, April 2015, Floersheim-Wicker (G)

First US-Car meeting in the area in 2015 with more than 200 car’s in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/GH15/

Video with my Dodge on the motorway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ_5N2sKmc0

PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting, May 1st 2015, Frankfurt am Main (G)

15th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V.


Classic Sunday Oldtimer Meeting at the Klassikstadt, May 2015, Frankfurt am Main (G)

First monthly vintage car meeting at the Klassikstadt living Museum in 2015 with many nice car’s in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/CS15/

Wasserkuppe and Flight Training School, May 2015, Wasserkuppe Mountain (G)

Pictures of the highest mountain in the State of Hessen – also kmown as the home of glider flying.
See: www.steel-toys.com/WK15/

Frank’s Feldlager, May 2015, Röllbachtal (G)

Photo’s of Frank’s first WW2 MV Camp and the tour to Kransberg Castle – a former Wehrmacht HQ – code name: Adlerhorst.
After WW2 first a British- and then a US Camp until 1990.
See: www.steel-toys.com/FF15/

5. Kelsterbacher Strassenfest, June 2015, Kelsterbach (G)

US-Car meeting with some nice vintage- and custom-car’s in place.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/KB15/

La Gleize Militaria Fair, June 2015, La Gleize, Ardennes (B)

Annual militaria fair with some nice German MV in place.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/LG15

December 1944 Museum La Gleize, June 2015, La Gleize, Ardennes (B)

Ardennes battle Museum and home of the legendary King Tiger 213.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/LGM15

15. Klassikertreffen Ruesselsheim, June 2015, Rüsselsheim (G)

15th annual vintage car meeting organized by the Opel Motor Company and the City of Rüsselsheim at the
Opel Family Villas with more than 30,000 visitors and 3,000 vintage car’s in place. in place.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/OV15/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xmc1ZfR1BQ

German-American Volksfest, July 2015, Wiesbaden (G)

MV support act for the Elvis Presley Society at the Volksfest.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/DAV15/

US Car Meeting at the Harley Factory Frankfurt, August 2015, Frankfurt/M. (G)

MV meeting at the monthly US Car and Bike Event of the Street Rats Frankfurt Club.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/HDF15/

8th Elvis Weekend, Friedberg + 14th European Elvis Festival &
US Car Parade Bad Nauheim , August 2015, (G)

The Elvis Presley Festival is located at Bad Nauheim – the only place Elvis Presley lived ever outside of the USA.
– So Bad Nauheim became the „German Graceland“ and the nearby former U.S. Army garrison at Friedberg his „Army Home in Europe“.

See all event pictures incl. the Ray Barrack’s tour here: www.steel-toys.com/EF15/

Tanks in Town – 71st anniversary of the liberation of the City of Mons, August 2015, Mons (B)

The annual celebrations of the liberation of the city of Mons is one of the 3 largest WW2 MV Events in Europe, incl. re-enactment
Battle with Tanks and armored MV.
See: www.steel-toys.com/TIT15/

Schmidtenhoehe Koblenz MV Event, September 2015, Koblenz (G)

Largest MV Event in Germany with focus on off-road driving. About 450 mostly post WW2 MV in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/SH15/

USMVC Koblenz MV Camp 2015, October 2015, Bockenau (G)

Annual season closer Event of the USMVC at Bockenau with about 25 MV in place.
Photos: www.steel-toys.com/USMVC15
Video by Oliver and Philipp: www.steel-toys.com/Div/IMG_1416.MOV


Photos 2016


Visit of the WW2 US Military Cemetery at St. Avold, France, 6th of April 2016


Visit of French and American WW1 Military Cemeteries nearby Verdun, France, 6th of April 2016


Fort de Liouville photos. Visit of the French fortress nearby Verdun, France, May 2016


USMVC e.V. OPERATION SILENT CROSSING 2016, Nierstein (G), April 2016

Spring opening MV Event of the USMVC, MV convoy ride from Ruedesheim to Nierstein on the path of General Patton’s 3. Army.

144 Event photos. See: www.steel-toys.com/SC16/

In the local newspaper: http://www.allgemeine-zeitung.de/lokales/ (oder: www.usmvc.eu/presse/alte/patton_2016.jpg)

News of the US Army online: www.army.mil/article/166246

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS 8 pages article: www.steel-toys.com/SCAM16/

PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting, Frankfurt am Main (G), May 1st 2016

17th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V.


7th annual US-BW Treffen, Hammelburg (G), 5.-8. of May 2016

Nice meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV at Hammelburg with more than 150 MV in place.


Street Rats US Car Meeting at the Harley Factory Frankfurt, 08.05.2016, Frankfurt/M. (G)

Season opening Event of the monthly US Car and Bike Event of the Street Rats Frankfurt US Car and Bike Club.
See: http://www.steel-toys.com/HDF16/

30th annual Pinkstertreffen of the Pattondrivers MV Club, Ulbeek (B), 13.-16. of May 2016

One of the five largest annual WW2 US Army MV collectors Events in Central Europe with a long tradition. A dozen Tanks and
about 200 light WW2 MV in place.


25th annual US MV meeting of the Kelly’s Heroes MV Club, Rothselberg (G), 26.-29.05.2016

25th anniversary of one of the oldest US MV collectors Clubs in Germany, nearby Ramstein AFB (G).


Victory Day Jump & Jive BBQ, Linz am Rhein (G), 04.06.2016

Swing music live bands & dancing enthusiasts meets vintage cars and 1940ies lifestyle. B&W photo collection.

Video impressions at youtube:


Fly-In 2016, Gelnhausen (G), 19.06.2016

Classic Fly-in Event of the Aeroclub-Gelnhausen with great Air-Show and Ju-52 fly-by.


16. Klassikertreffen an den Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim (G), 26.06.2016

Largest annual vintage car Event at the State of Hesse. Our USMVC and friends in place with
3,000 other vintage car enthusiasts and 30,000 spectators. http://www.steel-toys.com/OV16/

More artwork / vintage style photos by Mr. Sascha Furck (Furckfotoart.de) can be found here: http://www.steel-toys.com/Furck16/

1. Militärfahrzeugtreffen Dillenburg, (G), 09.07.2016

Smaller privately organized MV Event for MV owners from the Westerwald area.


Oldtimer-Treffen Massenheim, Bad Vilbel-Massenheim(G), 17.07.2016

Very nice local vintage car collectors Event nearby Frankfurt with a broad range of vehicles incl. some MV.


Point Alpha Museum, Geisa (G), 12.08.2016

Visit of the Point Alpha Museum on the former border between Germany East and Germany West, incl. US MV collection.


9th Elvis Weekend, Friedberg + 15th European Elvis Festival &
US Car Parade Bad Nauheim , August 2016, (G)

The Elvis Presley Festival is located at Bad Nauheim – the only place Elvis Presley lived ever outside of the USA.
– So Bad Nauheim became the „German Graceland“ and the nearby former U.S. Army garrison at Friedberg his „Army Home in Europe“.
See our photos on this years visit at the Ray Barracks and the guided tour here: www.steel-toys.com/EF16/

Tanks in Town – 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the City of Mons, August 2016, Mons (B)

The annual celebrations of the liberation of the city of Mons is one of the 3 largest WW2 MV Events in Europe.
See: www.steel-toys.com/TIT16/

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS 9 pages article: www.steel-toys.com/TITAM16/

Hürtgenwald Museum, Oktober 2016, Vossenack (G)

Visit of the Hürtgenwald (aka: Hurtgenwald Battle) and the Hürtgenwald Museum at Vossenack, south of the City of Aachen.
Impressive collection of relics of the Battle of Hürtgen Forest – a series of fierce battles fought from 19.09.1944 to 10.02.1945.
It was the longest battle on German ground during World War II, and is the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought.
See: www.steel-toys.com/HM16/

Ordensburg Vogelsang, Oktober 2016, Eifel National Park (G)

Visit of the legendary national socialist Ordensburg. It is one of the largest architectural relics of National Socialism that still exists.
The gross area of the landmarked buildings is 50,000 m2. As a Belgian Army Garrison for many years closed to the public is the installation
since 1 January 2006 open to visitors, incl. Nazi-History exhibition and Eifel National Park Info Center.
See: www.steel-toys.com/NSOV16/

Berlin Airlift Re-Opening Ceremony with Col. Gail Halvorsen, 21. Nov. 2016, Frankfurt Airport (G)

Re-opening ceremony of the Berlin Airlift memorial at the former Rhein-Main Airbase, Frankfurt with Col. Gail Halvorsen (aka: the Candy Bomber) in place.
See: www.steel-toys.com/BAMF16/

Steinkopf Peak Berlin Airlift crashsite memorial stone inauguration with Col. Gail Halvorsen and Helen Patton, 26. Nov. 2016, Kronberg (G)

Inauguration ceremony at the crashsite of the first lost C-47 during the Berlin Airlift at the Steinkopf near Koenigstein, organized by the Berlin
Airlift Association Frankfurt and the USMVC.
See: www.steel-toys.com/BASM16/

Flight video of „a tribute in the sky“ – aircraft formation of honor performed by pilots of the Aero-Club Gelnhausen: www.youtube.com

Background informations on the memorial:www.steel-toys.com/Div/USMVC_support_for_Berlin_Airlift_Association_memorial.pdf

MVPA magazine ARMY MOTORS article: www.steel-toys.com/Div/Berlin_Airlift_Army_Motors.pdf

Jet + Prop aviation magazine article: www.steel-toys.com/Div/JP3-17_Rosinenbomber.pdf

USMVC after action report. Link: www.usmvc.eu/aktivitaeten/2016_steinkopf/2016_steinkopf.html

NUTS! Weekend, Bastogne 2016, 09.-11. Dec. 2016, Ardennes (B)

Bastogne Barracks visit of 101 AB Vetrans as Vincent Speranza and others with the Ambassador of the United States, Denise Bauer in place.
Photos by Mark William Altmeyer (The Patton Foundation – Sustainable Trust): www.steel-toys.com/BB16/
Historic Military Vehicle meeting at Manhay (North of Bastogne). Link: www.steel-toys.com/MAN16/
Band of Brothers actors reunion 2016 at the Bastogne War Museum. Link: www.steel-toys.com/BBOB16/


Photos 2017


Visit of the former Grüneburg – in 1943 the DuLag Luft POW Camp, at Frankfurt (G), January 2017

Later-on the POW Camp and interrogation center for Allied airmen (Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe) was moved to Oberursel, North of Frankfurt
after WW2 it became for many years „Camp King“ of the U.S. Army intelligence.

Return to the IG Farben building – the former SHAEF HQ – at Frankfurt (G), January 2017

In the late 1920ies the IG Farben building was the largest office building in Europe, designed for 5,000 employees. After WW2 it became the
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), the U.S. Army V. Corps HQ and was in the 1980ies re-named to Abrams Complex.
Later President Ike Eisenhower and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell had among others their office in the building. Today it is the
home of the University of Frankfurt (Westend Campus). In the 1970ies it was used to be my playground after school.

Guided tour at the Wiesbaden Erbenheim AFB and Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden (G), January 2017

Unique chance to visit the Erbenheim U.S. Army in Europe HQ and AFB that was back in 1948 part of the Berlin Airlift Operation.

28th annual BMVT Winter Rallye at Houffalize, Ardennes (B), 4th of February 2017

Ardennes WW2 enthusiasts „classic“ with more than 90 HMV in place.

Nierstein 3rd U.S. Army Rhine crossing memorial inauguration, Nierstein (G), 25.03.2017

Inauguration of the Rhine crossing memorial at Nierstein with Veterans and Color guards of the U.S. Army and Bundeswehr in place, to honor
Patton’s third Army, winning the „race to the Rhine“ 72 years ago and ending – in consequence – WW2 on the ETO month’s earlier than planned.
– Saving thousands of lives on both sides. Photos: www.steel-toys.com/SC17/
Download the after action report on Operation Silent Crossing 2017 here: www.steel-toys.com/Div/Operation_Silent_Crossing_2017.pdf
USMVC Operation Silent Crossing 2017 and the Rhine crossing memorial inauguration in the media:

Allgemeine Zeitung article: A.Z. Online

Stars & Stripes Europe online article: Stars and Stripes Europe

JET + PROP Magazine article: JET + PROP MAGAZIN

International Militaria Magazine, issue 184, article: International Militaria Magazin

News video on Ruptly TV online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H9smKx_UtY

AFN Europe news: www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9Y40p2Ld7s

U.S. Army in Europe online article: www.army.mil/a/184917

Defense Video Imagery Distribution System report: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/

Stars & Stripes Europe online video on pontoon raft Rhine crossing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clkn9rab63c

Helen Patton and Catherine Rommel Meet in Nierstein with WW2 Veteran Bob Shelato: www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9ivNEINDcM

Helen Patton sings Amazing Grace at Nierstein Nazi victims memorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDbyvrbx16c

Helen Patton sings Bridge Over Troubled Waters at Nierstein Nazi victims memorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPz0zPDQPnk

Flight video on the vintage Piper aircraft tribute formation, privided by the Aero-Club Gelnhausen. Video by Elias Wagner on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLitipXCmPs

Photos by Markus on his M38 homepage: https://m38a1.de/events/

Photos by Beate: https://onedrive.live.com

WW2 Veteran Robert „Bob“ Shelato’s speech at Nierstein (German translation): www.usmvc.eu/aktivitaeten/2017_nierstein/Rede.jpg

Background video & facts:

Original WW2 Signal Corps material on the Nierstein Rhine crossing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ge8S2KDcTA

U.S. Army in Europe booklet on „General Patton Crosses the Rhine“ by USAREUR historian R. Rodgers (14 MB pdf file): Rhine Crossing booklet

8th annual US-BW Treffen, Hammelburg (G), 24.-28.05.2017

Nice meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV at Hammelburg with 150 historic MV in place: www.steel-toys.com/H17/
Video incl. our Convoy ride to Bonnland training village: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtycrCiwOgo

31. annual Pinkstertreffen of the Pattondrivers MV Club, Ulbeek (B), 02.-06.06.2017

One of the five largest annual WW2 US Army MV collectors Events in Central Europe with a long tradition.
About 200 light and heavy WW2 MV in place: www.steel-toys.com/PD17/

Visit of the WW2 Malmedy massacre victims memorial, Malmedy (Ardennes), 3rd of June 2017

Memorial for 84 American POW that were killed by their German captors of the SS Kampfgruppe Peiper on Dec. 17, 1944 at Baugnez crossroads.

AUSA European Regions Meeting 2017, Nierstein (G), 08.-10.06.2017

AUSA Event and staff ride with support of the USMVC e.V. members.

Flugplatzkerb (Fly-In) 2017, Gelnhausen (G), 10.-11.06.2017

Classic Fly-in Event of the Aeroclub-Gelnhausen with great Air-Show and WW2 MV display with the P-51 Mustang „The Louisiana Kid“.

GI Jive Band BBQ and 1940ies Ballroom, Linz am Rhein (G), 08.07.2017

Swing music live bands & dancing enthusiasts meets vintage cars and 1940ies lifestyle in a great location at the river Rhine.

AGBC I.G. Farben SHAEF HQ Tour, Frankfurt am Main (G), 24.07.2017

Visit of the former U.S. Army HQ at the I.G. Farben building with guests of the American German Business Club (AGBC).
Fotos: www.steel-toys.com/IGFT17/
Online report: www.army.mil/article/191344

8. MCS WW2 Military Vehicle Camp, Greisch (Luxemburg), 29.07.2017

Nice WW2 US Army Military Vehicle owners Event, organized by the Memorial Club Simmer (MCS).

Visit of the Patton Memorial and Museum at Ettelbruck (Luxemburg), 29.07.2017

Great Museum on the Liberation of the Town of Ettelbruck in Dec. 1944 under General Patton’s command.

Achterhoekweekend 2017 – 45th KTR Club anniversary, St. Isidorushoeve (NL), 08.-09.09.2017

Largest annual WW2 MV Event, organized by the Keep Them Rolling Club (KTR).

US Military Vehicle Club e.V. Autumn Camp 2017, D-55595 Bockenau (G), 29.09.-01.10.2017

Annual season closer Even, organized by the USMVC, the oldest US MV Club in Germany.

Erlebnis Bergwerk Merkers 1945 and today, D-36460 Merkers, (G), 22.10.2017

Visit of the legendary Merkers Mine, used by the Nazis to hide the Reichsbank gold and stolen artwork, that was found by the Monuments Men and became then part of the blockbuster movie with the same name.

Official Erlebnis Bergwerk Museum homepage: www.erlebnisbergwerk.de/de/index.html

Official Merkers Mine promotion video at youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv3HPFYP2ec


Photos 2018

70. Aniversary of the beginning of the Berlin Airlift, Berlin Airlift Monument, Frankfurt, 26.06.2018

Official commemoration of the State of Hesse and the FRAPORT AG at the Berlin Airlift Operation memorial, Frankfurt. In place the Minister of the State Mr. Bouffier, General Williams, USAF, the daughters of the Candy Bomber Gail Halvorsen and others. Support: The Berlin Airlift Association Frankfurt (Verein Luftbrücke Frankfurt-Berlin 1948-1949 e.V.) and the US Military Vehicle Club e.V. (USMVC)). Our Club was organizing an C-47 loading re-enactment and with 15 MV of the Berlin Airlift period in place.
After Action Report of the USMVC: USMVC article

Article in the Stars and Stripes: 70 years Berlin Airlift

Photos by Uli Buch: Berlin Airlift commemoration 2018

Spangdahlem Air Force Ball 2018 „Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary – Honoring the Past to preserve the Future „, Spangdahlem Air Base (G), 29 September 2018

US Air Force Birthday Ball 2018 honoring the Berlin Airlift at Spangdahlem AB, Germany

The US Air Force celebrated on September 29 the 71. birthday of the US Air Force and the 70. anniversary of the beginning of the Berlin Airlift back in 1948.
Spangdahlem is today the home of the 52 Fighter Group and of the 726 Air Mobility Squadron – the unit of the legendary „Candy Bomber“ Col. Gail Halvorsen a.k.a. „uncle wiggly wings“.

With WW2 Military Vehicles provided by the US Military Vehicle Club, that had been lined up at the entrance of the Eifel Club Ballroom, an Checkpoint Charlie decoration of the stage and candy parachutes on the tables all was done to honor those who helped to save a City 70 years ago.

Guest of honor have been Traute Grier and Vera Mitschrich, members of the Berlin Airlift Association (Frankfurt) and both former „kids from Berlin“ that waited for the candy parachutes to be dropped from the approaching C-54 aircraft.

A special highlight was a video that Gail Halvorsen had sent as a birthday greeting that was shown and ended with him singing the Air Force song. All guests at the ball started to stand up and to sing with this outstanding WW2 and BAO veteran. A very touching moment for all in place.

Happy birthday USAF – happy birthday Berlin Airlift!

Link to the official photo-gallery images of the Spangdahlem AB
(I just updated them with photoshop): www.steel-toys.com/Spang18/

My photos: www.steel-toys.com/SPANGJ18/


Tag der Reservisten at Bad Nauheim (G), 3. October 2018

Day of the German Reserve Forces with Mayor Klaus Kress and Generalmajor Andreas Marlow, Commander  Division Schnelle Kräfte in place.
Link: www.steel-toys.com/RKW18/

In the Frankurter Rundschau Newspaper: FR article



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