My Dodge WC51 at the Aero-Club Gelnhausen Fly-In. Gelnhausen (Germany). Source: Joakim Steinweden.

My Photos on Military Vehicle related Events

Welcome to my private photo gallery with photos on my former Dodge WC52 and my actual Dodge WC51 project – as well as on WW2 related Events and locations I have visited in 2017.

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Photos 2017

Visit of the former Grüneburg – in 1943 the DuLag Luft POW Camp, at Frankfurt (G), January 2017

Later-on the POW Camp and interrogation center for Allied airmen (Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe) was moved to Oberursel, North of Frankfurt (after WW2 it became for many years „Camp King“ of the U.S. Army intelligence).

Return to the IG Farben building – the former SHAEF HQ – at Frankfurt (G), January 2017

In the late 1920ies the IG Farben building was the largest office building in Europe, designed for 5,000 employees. After WW2 it became the
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), the U.S. Army V. Corps HQ and was in the 1980ies re-named to Abrams Complex.
Later President Ike Eisenhower and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell had among others their office in the building. Today it is the
home of the University of Frankfurt (Westend Campus). In the 1970ies it was used to be my playground after school.

Guided tour at the Wiesbaden Erbenheim AFB and Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden (G), January 2017

Unique chance to visit the Erbenheim U.S. Army in Europe HQ and AFB that was back in 1948 part of the Berlin Airlift Operation.

28th annual BMVT Winter Rallye at Houffalize, Ardennes (B), 4th of February 2017

Ardennes WW2 enthusiasts „classic“ with more than 90 HMV in place.

Nierstein 3rd U.S. Army Rhine crossing memorial inauguration, Nierstein (G), 25.03.2017

Inauguration of the Rhine crossing memorial at Nierstein with Veterans and Color guards of the U.S. Army and Bundeswehr in place, to honor
Patton’s third Army, winning the „race to the Rhine“ 72 years ago and ending – in consequence – WW2 on the ETO month’s earlier than planned.
– Saving thousands of lives on both sides. Photos:
Download the after action report on Operation Silent Crossing 2017 here:
USMVC Operation Silent Crossing 2017 and the Rhine crossing memorial inauguration in the media:

Allgemeine Zeitung article: A.Z. Online

Stars & Stripes Europe online article: Stars and Stripes Europe

JET + PROP Magazine article: JET + PROP MAGAZIN

International Militaria Magazine, issue 184, article: International Militaria Magazin

News video on Ruptly TV online:

AFN Europe news:

U.S. Army in Europe online article:

Defense Video Imagery Distribution System report:

Stars & Stripes Europe online video on pontoon raft Rhine crossing:

Helen Patton and Catherine Rommel Meet in Nierstein with WW2 Veteran Bob Shelato:

Helen Patton sings Amazing Grace at Nierstein Nazi victims memorial:

Helen Patton sings Bridge Over Troubled Waters at Nierstein Nazi victims memorial:

Flight video on the vintage Piper aircraft tribute formation, privided by the Aero-Club Gelnhausen. Video by Elias Wagner on youtube:

Photos by Markus on his M38 homepage:

Photos by Beate:

WW2 Veteran Robert „Bob“ Shelato’s speech at Nierstein (German translation):

Background video & facts:

Original WW2 Signal Corps material on the Nierstein Rhine crossing:

U.S. Army in Europe booklet on „General Patton Crosses the Rhine“ by USAREUR historian R. Rodgers (14 MB pdf file): Rhine Crossing booklet

8th annual US-BW Treffen, Hammelburg (G), 24.-28.05.2017

Nice meeting for owners of ex. US-Army and Bundeswehr MV at Hammelburg with 150 historic MV in place:
Video incl. our Convoy ride to Bonnland training village:

31. annual Pinkstertreffen of the Pattondrivers MV Club, Ulbeek (B), 02.-06.06.2017

One of the five largest annual WW2 US Army MV collectors Events in Central Europe with a long tradition.
About 200 light and heavy WW2 MV in place:

Visit of the WW2 Malmedy massacre victims memorial, Malmedy (Ardennes), 3rd of June 2017

Memorial for 84 American POW that were killed by their German captors of the SS Kampfgruppe Peiper on Dec. 17, 1944 at Baugnez crossroads.

AUSA European Regions Meeting 2017, Nierstein (G), 08.-10.06.2017

AUSA Event and staff ride with support of the USMVC e.V. members.

Flugplatzkerb (Fly-In) 2017, Gelnhausen (G), 10.-11.06.2017

Classic Fly-in Event of the Aeroclub-Gelnhausen with great Air-Show and WW2 MV display with the P-51 Mustang „The Louisiana Kid“.

GI Jive Band BBQ and 1940ies Ballroom, Linz am Rhein (G), 08.07.2017

Swing music live bands & dancing enthusiasts meets vintage cars and 1940ies lifestyle in a great location at the river Rhine.

AGBC I.G. Farben SHAEF HQ Tour, Frankfurt am Main (G), 24.07.2017

Visit of the former U.S. Army HQ at the I.G. Farben building with guests of the American German Business Club (AGBC).
Online report:

8. MCS WW2 Military Vehicle Camp, Greisch (Luxemburg), 29.07.2017

Nice WW2 US Army Military Vehicle owners Event, organized by the Memorial Club Simmer (MCS).

Visit of the Patton Memorial and Museum at Ettelbruck (Luxemburg), 29.07.2017

Great Museum on the Liberation of the Town of Ettelbruck in Dec. 1944 under General Patton’s command.


Achterhoekweekend 2017 – 45th KTR Club anniversary, St. Isidorushoeve (NL), 08.-09.09.2017

Largest annual WW2 MV Event, organized by the Keep Them Rolling Club (KTR).


US Military Vehicle Club e.V. Autumn Camp 2017, D-55595 Bockenau (G), 29.09.-01.10.2017

Annual season closer Even, organized by the USMVC, the oldest US MV Club in Germany.


Erlebnis Bergwerk Merkers 1945 and today, D-36460 Merkers, (G), 22.10.2017

Visit of the legendary Merkers Mine, used by the Nazis to hide the Reichsbank gold and stolen artwork, that was found by the Monuments Men and became then part of the blockbuster movie with the same name.

Official Erlebnis Bergwerk Museum homepage:

Official Merkers Mine promotion video at


NEW: Book presentation with Helen Patton: „Amerikanische Spuren in Bad Nauheim“, Town Hall Bad Nauheim (G), 17.11.2017

Presentation of the latestes book on the history of the U.S. Army at Bad Nauheim, with Helen Patton in place.
Link to the official site with photo-gallery:

My photo-gallery on the presentation and guided tour with Helen Patton thru Bad Nauheim:

In the Press:

Wetterauer Zeitung:;art472,349370#Mehr

Frankfurter Rundschau:

Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung:;art472,350094



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