At the Museum Stammheim WW2 Liberation Festival „Die Amis Kumma!“. Source: Joakim Steinweden.

My Photos on Military Vehicle related Events

Welcome to my private photo gallery with photos on my former Dodge WC52 and my actual Dodge WC51 project – as well as on WW2 related Events and locations I have visited in 2015.

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Photos 2015


FURY Release, Kinopolis Movie Theatre, January 2015, Sulzbach (G)

German release event at the Kinopolis Cinema Center.


Diehl Wehrtechnik Museum, February 2015, Röthenbach (G)


Böhlertreffen Militaria Fair, February 2015, Isernhagen (G)


Remagen Bridge Commemoration, March 7th 2015, Remagen (G)

Commemoration at the legendary Ludendorff Bridge that was captured 1945 as the only intact River Rhine bridge.

Article published in the Army Motors Magazine of the MVPA (USA), .pdf file:

Museumsfrühling Stammheim – Liberation Festival „The American’s are coming!“, March 2015, Stammheim (G)

MV collectors and re-enactors Event celebrating the 70iest anniversary of the Liberation of the upper River Main valley
at the Museum Stammheim am Main (near Würzburg).




Visit of the Capa-House, April 2015, Leipzig (G)

On April 18 1945 the US soldier Raymond Bowman was shot by a German sniper. He was only 21 years old. The war photographer
Robert Capa was in place and his picture of the dead Bowman was published under the title „the last man to die“.
70 years later the street nearby the building Jahnallee 61 has been renamed to Capa-Street.
The building is under re-construction and a Museum is planned in the building too. A Bowman Street is still under discussion.

Garbage Hill US-Car Meeting – season start, April 2015, Floersheim-Wicker (G)

First US-Car meeting in the area in 2015 with more than 200 car’s in place.

Video with my Dodge on the motorway:

PEP Cars Club US-Car Meeting, May 1st 2015, Frankfurt am Main (G)

15th Spring edition of the US-Car and Veteran-Car meeting organised by the PEP Cars e.V.

Classic Sunday Oldtimer Meeting at the Klassikstadt, May 2015, Frankfurt am Main (G)

First monthly vintage car meeting at the Klassikstadt living Museum in 2015 with many nice car’s in place.

Wasserkuppe and Flight Training School, May 2015, Wasserkuppe Mountain (G)

Pictures of the highest mountain in the State of Hessen – also kmown as the home of glider flying.

Frank’s Feldlager, May 2015, Röllbachtal (G)

Photo’s of Frank’s first WW2 MV Camp and the tour to Kransberg Castle – a former Wehrmacht HQ – code name: Adlerhorst.
After WW2 first a British- and then a US Camp until 1990.

5. Kelsterbacher Strassenfest, June 2015, Kelsterbach (G)

US-Car meeting with some nice vintage- and custom-car’s in place.

La Gleize Militaria Fair, June 2015, La Gleize, Ardennes (B)

Annual militaria fair with some nice German MV in place.

December 1944 Museum La Gleize, June 2015, La Gleize, Ardennes (B)

Ardennes battle Museum and home of the legendary King Tiger 213.

15. Klassikertreffen Ruesselsheim, June 2015, Rüsselsheim (G)

15th annual vintage car meeting organized by the Opel Motor Company and the City of Rüsselsheim at the
Opel Family Villas with more than 30,000 visitors and 3,000 vintage car’s in place. in place.


German-American Volksfest, July 2015, Wiesbaden (G)

MV support act for the Elvis Presley Society at the Volksfest.

US Car Meeting at the Harley Factory Frankfurt, August 2015, Frankfurt/M. (G)

MV meeting at the monthly US Car and Bike Event of the Street Rats Frankfurt Club.

8th Elvis Weekend, Friedberg + 14th European Elvis Festival &
US Car Parade Bad Nauheim , August 2015, (G)

The Elvis Presley Festival is located at Bad Nauheim – the only place Elvis Presley lived ever outside of the USA.
– So Bad Nauheim became the „German Graceland“ and the nearby former U.S. Army garrison at Friedberg his „Army Home in Europe“.

See all event pictures incl. the Ray Barrack’s tour here:

Tanks in Town – 71st anniversary of the liberation of the City of Mons, August 2015, Mons (B)

The annual celebrations of the liberation of the city of Mons is one of the 3 largest WW2 MV Events in Europe, incl. re-enactment
Battle with Tanks and armored MV.

Schmidtenhoehe Koblenz MV Event, September 2015, Koblenz (G)

Largest MV Event in Germany with focus on off-road driving. About 450 mostly post WW2 MV in place.

USMVC Koblenz MV Camp 2015, October 2015, Bockenau (G)

Annual season closer Event of the USMVC at Bockenau with about 25 MV in place.
Video by Oliver and Philipp: